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Spicy toppings for noodles

The most popular toppings which taste delicious and authentic, it will be the best friend for your homemade noodles with Thermomix.



烩是用宽汤加热食材,再勾薄芡的烹饪手法,可以制作菜肴,也能调制羹汤,跟随本期玉米鲈鱼羹的烹饪教学,带你掌握中餐【烩制的秘密】。 切出轻薄的鱼片,腌制后轻轻摔打,这样就能让其口感更滑嫩。烹饪时先加入玉米和莼菜,然后放入鱼片,并用刮刀棒打散,最后加入水淀粉,勾芡能明亮色泽,还能融合食材风味,让口感更加顺滑。只需十几分钟,就能做出美味的玉米鲈鱼羹啦~还有烩三鲜、虾仁烩豆腐等菜品等你尝试!

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